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Never Gonna Know You Now, But I'm Gonna Love You Anyhow

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I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. It’s weird, because 10 years ago I was a kid who had no idea you ever lived, a kid with enough peace of mind that I didn’t need your music. Oh, how times change.

Regardless of all that, I’m grateful that you were here, that you made the music that you did and said the things you said. I hope that you’re happy, wherever you are.

Thank you, Elliott.

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Hey Its Been A Long Time

Hey Elliott, 

Remember me, the sad teenage girl on the verge of jumping off a cliff? Im so glad to be writing you today to tell you that my life has been so much better since the last time I wrote you on here. I was listening to you today and I looked back at how much I’ve changed, about how much sadness had changed me and somehow helped me. Remember how silly I was Elliott? About how much I wanted to die so those dumb girls wouldnt hurt me anymore, about how afraid I was of life and growing up? Im happy to say that things turned out so much better, that im so much happier. Those girls are no longer a part of my life, they stopped messing with me the day I learned to take action, the day I punched one of them in the mouth. The pills stopped controlling me too, I realized I didnt need them to feel better and that feeling numb is no help at all. You need to feel to fight and you taught me that, you helped me feel. Im also glad to say that someone has come into my life who has also taught me that happiness is something I can make myself, not something life hands to you. He loves you by the way, we talk about you a lot, about how you made going through our struggles much easier to take, about how magical everything you ever did is. I love that about him, how passionate he is about his own music and sometimes he reminds me of you in that way. If hadn’t had been for you and how much you influence us we would have never crossed paths and for that I’m thankful, because now I have the greatest friend in the world and maybe one day it’ll be something more. But again Elliott, I will always be in your debt because you opened up my eyes as to how sadness is both a curse and blessing because without sadness there is no antidote to it, you dont learn to fight it. Thank you for being the greatest teacher I’ve ever had. This December will mark the 7th year anniversary of me first listening to you on that frigid December evening and crying by myself for the first time wholeheartedly because you touched me. I’ll light a candle for you and let New Moon play. 



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Elliott Smith
The Last Hour


Here’s the army that you mowed to the ground
And the bodies you left lying around
Talking it out the last hour
I’m through trying now, it’s a big relief
I’ll be staying down
Where no one else gonna give me grief
Mess me around
Just make it over
Your opinion was the law of the land
A single thing that I could always understand
I lived it out from hour to hour
The only thing that never really changed
You ran me all around
And dragged me down
At the end of the day
Don’t keep me around
Just make it over
I’ve been thinking of the things that I missed
Situations that I passed up for this
One-way love I took for ours
I’m through trying now, it’s a big relief
I’ll be staying down
I wasn’t good at being a thief
More like a clown
Make it over

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Anonymous asked: Dear Elliott,I would shake you. XO AK

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Dearest Elliott,

It’s hard to believe I’ve been listening to you for over 7 years now. An ex boyfriend introduced me to you. It wasn’t much of a relationship but the best thing that came of it was learning about your music. I now own all of your albums and lots of bootlegs of your live shows. 

What’s amazing is your music sometimes is so sad but I can still listen to it when I’m happy and it not change my mood. It also comforts me when I’m depressed, you make me feel not so alone.

I love introducing people to you and seeing them respond well to your music. My brother has always been difficult to pass music on to (you know when they’re stubborn because they want to be the one to show you good music) but I put all your stuff on his mp3 player and one day he was walking down the road and you got to him. He suddenly completely understood your music and was compelled to listen to everything you’ve made. So many people I know just don’t get your music, which is a pity. 

I love your music, I think I will be listening to it for life. You get me through the hard times, the good times and everything in between. I’m so sorry that you had to go so early. You are missed and loved by thousands. 

Love Becca x

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Dear Elliott

I heard your voice today, and it really hit me again. I didn’t just listen to a few songs like I do every day out of habit. I listen to your music a lot, and I have for a couple of years now. But when I really heard you again, it took an old feeling of helplessness, worthlessness, and anxiety for me to remember every time that listening to your music made me feel like everything would be okay, and everything I’ve realized, accepted, and felt inspired to do just because of some “pretty words that didn’t last that long.”

What you did and still do means a lot. I don’t know what it meant to you, but I hope you knew how many people you’ve helped decide, or maybe, decide not to, I don’t know what happened to you in your lifetime either, but I know that your songs showed us how acceptance and honesty can turn something around and make it happy and beautiful.

Everything I have to live for is starting to come to me now. I feel like I’m home again. Thank you.

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